By Majoayee

Roses being brought home!

Loved this gentleman taking the shopping home with red roses sticking out of his bag!  I was looking at the side of the Victoria and Albert museum.  We were early and on the way to the Royal Albert Hall to be taken on a tour of the building.  Being brought up in London I have been there a number of times to see all sorts of things.  The most memorable being that my graduation ceremony was there all those years ago!  We walked past the Queen Mother with a little curtsy for the girls.  A day of so many steps!  In those days there were no big lifts and our seats were up in the gallery, the robes were in the basement and the Queen Mother about half way up!  This morning we took a large lift to get to the gallery!

The guide this morning told us so much.  He was really interesting!  Did you know they have tennis and boxing there and the first indoor marathon, only two people running a Brit and an Italian!  I think he said 32 times round! 

The tour was well worth the effort! 

We stopped in the hall cafe for hot chocolate and cake!  Leaving there we went back to Gloucester Road where we finally found a tin of chestnut purée In Partridge’s grocer!  Then took the 49 bus to Clapham Junction.  Ro used to take this bus home when he went to The Oratory School.  The building is now a hospital.
We went past the 6 bells pub on King Street.  They used to drink the pub dry once a year as students! He told me where the swimming baths were, where he swam 21 lengths and then had an appendectomy two days later etc etc.  
From Clapham Common we took the train to East Croyden back to the hotel where we had a rest with some sandwiches for lunch, then out for some shopping!
Now another rest, Wagamamas and an evening seeing Angela’s Ashes at the local theatre!  Tomorrow the Game.  The Chicago Bears versus the Oakland Raiders! 

Note the wonderful pink building and the pinkish tones of the columns and their carvings.  Pink for BCAM!  Please Click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.

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