A New Neighbour

This beautiful little boy has just arrived in our neighbourhood and comes walking past my house. He’s a Cava-Tsu (Cavalier King Charles and Shih Tsu mix), and is only 15 weeks old. I hope I see lots of him! He’s going to provide lots of joy and entertainment to his mum and dad! We NEED a dog in the neighbourhood!! We actually have very few who live on this street.

In other news - it was a paperwork and phone call kind of day today. I made an appointment with the insurance inspector who is going to deal with my carpet replacement. Unfortunately because of my work schedule I have to wait until the 21st but am hoping for a cancellation and a sooner appointment. I have ALL next week off so it really would be ideal to get this done soon so I can dispose of the carpet that is taking up too much room in my garage!

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