Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly


I arrived back from Chicago early this morning, Sunday. It was a wet and windy and generally miserable morning - the tail end of storm Alex, I think. Good sleeping weather!

I took this because I thought it might be my only picture for today. I certainly planned on a pyjama day for the rest of the day!

But mostly I took this to show another evidence of how COVID has affected the aviation industry. This is the employee car park - not just for crews but all sorts of airport employees. It’s huge. I normally have to drive around searching for a space. Now the car park seems about 10% full at best. Here’s my little car, all on its lonesome. Thankfully a plane arrived just in time to add some interest in the shot.

After only having 27 passengers on the way to Chicago, we had a whopping huge number of 69 on the return last night. The plane holds 252.

It’s good to be back to work! It feels like a little bit of normalcy and routine, though it will hardly be normal for a long time. I’m so grateful to be working when so many have lost their jobs.

I got home just in time to have a shower and join in with our church Zoom chat which we’ve been doing since March - a chance to see each other and share news and pray. Our services have started again with limited numbers but I hope these Zoom chats will continue, especially for those who aren’t able to attend services.

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