Life with Alice

By elirin


Today was the final nosework class! We were in the giant warehouses of a huge kitchen/bathroom appliances store, so it was a totally new place for us all. It was a big challenge! First, we did five tricky searches indoors, between washing machines and shelves with hairdryers and all sorts of things. One was really high up and one was on a wall and the others were cleverly hidden. Found them all!

Then we went outside. Six searches, you can see the easiest one on a wall, one inside a stack of pallets, one inside a delivery truck!, one on another truck and then three in a storage area. They tricked us by placing two scents in the same area, and also made us search without leads which is harder. I found them all, and even dared to walk on some wobbly surfaces that the bigger dogs didn’t like.

Because I was the smallest, I searched as the last one and I got to participate in the fika/coffee session afterwards. I was fed dried lung which was tasty. It’s sad that this was the last lesson, because we both love love love them!

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