As we stood in the queue for “Fleabag” M whispered, “Why are there no men here?”
(He feared a repetition of that night in Edinburgh several years ago to see “Fifty Shades of Maggie”, something we had been given free tickets for, and ended with us walking out  in the interval.
I assure him Fleabag is different.  
“Anyway there are a few men here.”
 “Less than 5 per cent” he said looking at the line young women ahead of us.
“What did you say this is about”?
This did not seem an appropriate time to discuss the content of this award winning comedy one woman show live on screen from London.
“You'll  find out.”
To my surprise he enjoyed it. 
What was quite disconcerting though was the silence of the cinema audience while the London theatre audience roared with laughter.
Somehow laughing in the cinema is not regarded as acceptable.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is regarded is one of the hottest young actresses around.

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