Monday and Brexit

As Mondays go today got off to a bad start. Rushed to my 9 am yoga class in the local church hall to find all the doors and windows wide open.
Someone had forgotten to turn the gas cooker off properly yesterday.

We quickly relocated to another hall but it had no heating, it was dark and dingy, and we were squeezed in like the proverbial sardines.
Came out to find torrential rain and the car park flooding, manage to navigate to car without getting wet feet.
 Call at the surgery to inquire about my flu jab. Nothing available for another month.
Am not prepared to wait. On to Lloyds chemist.
“Flu jab? No problem. When do you want it?”
“Yes, it cost £11.”
Cheap at the price. That’s when I learn the NHS is having difficulty getting supplies of the flu vaccine.
Is this the start of the Brexit fiasco?
As for todays photo this was taken using Hipstamatic x app in JamJar, our hip local bistro.
Think I deserved it.

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