By dfb24

40th. Wedding Anniversary...

..of my brother and sister-in-law. I left the house at 8 this morning--a little earlier than I needed to--so I could stop along the way and take some pictures before meeting the family for mass. All my siblings (5) came with their spouses, and all but one of my sister-in-in-laws' siblings (5) came, as well as their daughter and her fiance; a great turnout considering we were at the wedding until late last night. Pictured here with them is Fr. Philip who was the priest that married them 40 years ago in this Basilica on Holy Hill. We "congregated" on the plaza outside the Basilica for quite awhile, then headed to the restaurant where my brother & sister-in-law treated us all to breakfast. Seeing as how it was THEIR anniversary, we all thought it should be us buying them breakfast, but they said they wanted to do it because they invited all of us to celebrate with them. We never left the restaurant until after 2 p.m.   I've put four pictures into the extras just because it's already October and I have lots of extras remaining. Once you get out of the city, this is how much of Wisconsin looks. The first two extras are farms, the third a cornfield that caught my eye, and the 4th a view from outside the church from the top of Holy Hill.  Such a fantastic weekend! :))

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