Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Our flight to Italy wasn’t until early afternoon so Pose and I planned a nice lazy morning.

We’d both just got up when a contractor arrived to fit us new fire alarms. I let him in and he got to work. About 2 minutes later there was a panicked EXCUSE ME shouted up the stairs.

He’d found our lost snake.

I tried to calm him down and frantically phoned Bri to come home from work. He came back but failed to dislodge it from its hiding place (wrapped around the back of the fusebox). We worked out that it had got into the cupboard from below, pushing up through the corner of the floor. All these months, and it’s still bloody here. Eugjfjdhehfjfgghh.

After that our day of travelling went very smoothly. We both managed to fit our 5 days worth of luggage in bags this size (thanks Ryanair), our flight was quick and our transfer fairly easy. Our Airbnb host met us off the subway and took us to the apartment.

We cooked ourselves some pasta using Andri’s incredibly well-stocked kitchen, drank some beers, played some cards and laughed at the email from my letting agent: “We have just received a call from your landlord following the contractor visit today. They have advised that they were unable to complete works due to a python in the electrics cupboard.”

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