A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 298 :: MM298 :: Shadows

Living in the shadows of 'Smart' blackholes...

This smart water meter has been installed for nearly a year now. I was told I would need to move away from the annual fixed rate contract before next year. If I was using less water than charged for I would get a refund. I thought I'd ask if they had worked that one out yet.

They had no idea because the meter has never worked. It will not work until the technology blackhole I live in gets a modern telecommunications systems installed. I did tell them this when they insisted it was installed. I have the same problem with the gas and electric smart meters.

Why my area is cut off from the rest of London I have no idea. This meter sits roughly 300 feet above the floor level of The Shard. From local fields I can survey all of London and beyond to the North Downs. We should be bombarded with signals!

My mobile has no signal at home either but works great in the wilds of Alaska or the coastline of New Zealand. Amazing for an area sitting inside the confines of the M25.

Anyway a good old fashioned meter reading by yours truly shows I've over paid by about £200 in the past 12 months. Something they would have been happy to cast a shadow over if I hadn't checked... 

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