a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Centro Nacional de Golf


Not a very exciting shot this one, but its the only photo that I took today.  

The pattern of a days's golf followed by a late night drinking and very little sleep is beginning to take its toll on us all now.  We've now played 3 days back to back and are all feeling tired.  Normally we have a non-playing "rest" day at some stage between the games of golf, but our error at Retamares on Thursday has meant our having to play the Centro National today.

We are still all laughing and enjoying ourselves, but everyone feels tired to some degree and its hard to keep up the concentration that the golf requires in such circumstances.

We do manage to have a good game and resolve to organise another trip next year but with the rest day.  I resolve to try to make sure that I take a more interesting photo tomorrow!

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