By biddy

A swan in Stratford-upon-Avon.

We went to Stratford-upon-Avon this afternoon for Afternoon Tea at the Arden House Hotel.
It was a present given to me for my 70th birthday last year!
We have only just redeemed it!
It was lovely.
A cosy lounge on a gloomy afternoon where we were seated in a couple of comfy small armchairs.
A leisurely experience.
We were rather full on leaving but had the rest of the small scrumptious cakes put into a paper carrier to bring home with us for later.
When we arrived and had parked the car, we were walking towards the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre as the Hotel is almost opposite, when a swan began to waddle towards us.
Normally I would give them a wide berth as they can be fierce, but this one was obviously used to being fed by visitors. We had nothing for him unfortunately. (Or her!)
When we were walking back to the car park later, we could see a couple sitting on a bench feeding 4 swans and a couple of Canada Geese.
It had been lovely to be so close to one of these most graceful creatures.
Having called in to see a friend on our way home and had a cuppa we are now watching University Challenge.
(I always have the subtitles on, so I can at least read the questions even though most of the time I find them unanswerable! ;-) )

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