By dogwithnobrain

Paint your pallet blue and gray

I never told you, I never flipping told ya.  I had already Blipped on Friday   - and on Saturday I was three sheets to the wind. 

On Friday evening; Tooli and myself went out for a walk;  we literally just stepped out of the door and there in the sky right in front of us - meteor. 

Big, flashy, slowly meandering across the sky; breaking into bits, and fizzing out.  I held Tooli's arm and said "can you see it?? Can you see it?"

Tooli was "yes, yes, what is it?" - I've seen two meteors before this - big meteors, one with actual burning up noise, but I've been on my own with no one to confirm. 

We stood and watched and then thought, "Photo".   but by the time Tooli had her phone out; it was almost by gone. 

But it was there, imprinted on our minds. 

I checked Twitter -  People as far as Wigtown, Strathaven, and Carlisle had also seen it. 

So cool 

So Since then, I have been sitting in the garden with my camera. 


I'll wait a bit longer. 

I think 

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