How do you like.... your eggs in....

When I was twelve / thirteen I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant in town.

I was washing dishes and pots and pans. After a few months I progressed to loading the dishwasher and Bobby was brought in to do the pots and pans.

I also prepped for the chef and prepared starters and desserts.

The chef wasn’t a chef, she was a cook and she was about 70 ... she had also suffered a stroke so speech was an issue. But patiently she would crack eggs in to a
Bowl in front of me and heat a pan and then shoogle my arms until an omelette took shape ... eventually she let me do it myself and, of at lunchtime, a customer ordered an omelette - I was on.

despite my success at omelette in the restaurant it didn’t matter how hard I tried I could not make a decent omelette at home.

I can make them now! It’s only taken umpteen years..

There was a second cook - one night she asked me to make the cheese sauce. ... I set about it with gusto and finished with the sieve and a bowl. She screamed at me what are you doing.... and I said this is how Miss E makes it...

Bloody hell you think I had blasphemed or something. The cheese sauce got ripped off me and I was told never to say such awfulness again.

And I was never asked to make the cheese sauce again.

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