Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Wall Art

We had a trip into Bristol today, including a look at the new HQ of the Royal Photographic Society (Extra) but the Gallery was closed as they were between exhibitions. The HQ is in a revitalised part of town called Paintworks and I had intended to blip some of the paint works on the new buildings but then, on the way back to the car, we came across this gable end mural. It seems very new as an article I read about it was published last Thursday.

The owner of the house wanted to send out an important environmental message and had the idea of the hourglass, which is a great way to say time is running out. The painting has been done by Ollie Gillard of Gage Graphics with the strap line of Deadline 2030.

The whole thing had been very carefully and beautifully done and, on reflection, reminded me of the message behind an 8' x 4' work of art #2 Daughter submitted (the teacher was surprised at the size) for her Art GCSE (she did check if there was a size limit first). She made a visit to Whitehaven and it's factories and St Bees beach collecting jetsom from the shore to apply as a collage to her painting contrasting rural landscape with factories and polution. That was back in 2000.

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