By JohnW

Of Hawthorn, Lamppost, and Tiny Bird at Bottom RHS

We planted this hawthorn fifteen years ago just after we moved in.  This is the first time I’ve noticed it looking so good.  Actually it is invading our neighbour’s front garden, so I guess a little pruning is called for.
Maybe I’ll prune that d*** lamppost while I’m at it . . .  (We hate street lighting!!)
I nearly PSed a spot from the bottom right hand side of the image, then I noticed it is a bird and some cloud.
As ever this is much better seen in large!  I think I’ll start a tag for it, ‘BetterInLarge’, or just ‘BiL’  perhaps.  With the dark background, and the ability to see a portrait orientated shot in full (on a desktop PC) it is the best way to view most blips.

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