By Veronica

Just chilling

I really felt in need of a quiet day today. We got up latish, but did make it to our 11 a.m. Spanish class in Salobreña, the first of the season. S went last year but I didn't; I'll be repairing that omission this year because I enjoyed it -- teacher Mariano is very good.

Then we had to go to the massive Al Campo store in Motril for some not entirely successful shopping (no sun loungers). We bought some instant food for dinner so that we could just go and collapse on the terrace when we eventually got home. Well I did; S nobly did some accounts after a preparatory siesta. It was lovely sitting there reading and enjoying the birdsong and the scent of the jasmine. Mystère found the birdsong interesting too, but quickly concluded he had no chance of catching anything. Next on the agenda is a quiet evening at home.

PS I keep forgetting, I did a Flickr album of our Abruzzo trip if you are interested.

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