A day in the life

By Shelling


I've been preparing part of the day for a rehearsal tomorrow. It means a lot of sitting down concentrating on playing passages of songs and going through arrangements, changing here and there. The concert in it self is only the tip of the iceberg, the major part of the work is done alone with the instrument and in the group preparing the program for the stage. 
Maybe it's not common knowledge how much work is involved behind an hour of music on stage. Of course it depends on the complexity and size of the show but be sure it's a full time job.

I also managed to wash some clothes and finally get my self together for a jogging tour. This beautiful tree is on the trail and I had to Blip it for today. The ivy and fungi ('Ticka' in Swedish) looks very healthy, their host, the tree, is in decay but apart from functioning as host for these plants it also serves as a home to many species of insects and the holes in the tree says it's also a dining place for woodpeckers and other animals eating insects. 

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