By amandoAlentejo

Supplementing the Sheep

Looking down from the western walls of Monsaraz, where we took the Team to watch the sunset before they came back here for a tea of Mike's bread with eggs and cheese. All accompanied by Portuguese lessons. No teacher as yet, and they're worried about not learning, so ended up walking down to them this morning and teaching them myself. I've taught English plenty in my time, but don't think I've ever taught Portuguese before.

With reference to the photo, the drought and continuing heat here is worrying me. In the Sertão of NE Brazil, I used to worry about our folk suffering hunger; now I worry about the whole world... without water, there cannot be life. Still, I know who is the only one who can send rain, and I plead for mercy... it's our own greed that is wrecking this earth, but still, I hope for grace.

- the Team seeming happier today
- the all round incredible views from Monsaraz
- an old Uni friend getting in touch, she follows me on Blip!

An extra of the new Blipper, rather like the light on him, and so happy he's joined us.

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