Where I Spent Most of the Day

I haven't been able to sleep for the passed three days and have been in pain for the past 12 days and it was getting worse. My GP said that I should go to A&E if it was bad again last night.

It was found today that the urine tested positive for a infection which seemed clear when the doctor tested it yesterday. After some xrays it was found my lower spine has really bad arthritis and also one bad patch in my hip. The first xray showed no arthritis in the hip so took another one from another angle.

Combined with the infection, IBS and the Arthritis that seems to be what is causing the pain. They recommend that I was referred to a orthopedic surgeon by my GP.

I was seen by a physio and have been advised to use elbow crutches which I came home with. 

Hopfully I will get some sleep without having to sit in chair all night as laying down was too painfil. Good to get things checked out. 

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