Last of the Cherry Blossom

It was cool day without much sun. My youngest son picked me up at lunch time and we headed over to Akaroa for the night.

This shot was taken before he mowed my lawns for me. It was great to see some of my blossom tree in flower. Most years I seem to miss it. The new house below me had the scaffolding removed yesterday, I was told my my neighbour. The part I can see is painted white but the other part is wood.

My son did a few odd jobs for me which was great. One was fitting a new hand basin pop up plug because the other has been broken since March. Also cleaned my skylight windows, which I can't reach. Plus he looked at my fridge which has been freezing up things in it. He found the fan wasn't working and the computer component was taped over. He got the fan working and so far it seems to be better, but I will find out next time I am in Akaroa. 

In the evening we watched Mulan which was filmed in New Zealand. We both enjoyed it.

Late in the evening we had a few light showers but not enough the do the garden good. My garden was so dry and some plants were welting when I arrived today and it wasn't even sunny.

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