Tips for using your phone

Still reading the book (see yesterday), this time while I finished drinking my tea after a late breakfast.  I’ve been trying out the suggestions as I read.  This one has had a Snapseed edit performed on it.

With more careful reading I am picking up useful tips about the phone and the organisation of the book is well done.  I think the problem for me and for other reasonably knowledgeable photographers it that it goes over approaches to photography that are already familiar.

Much of the remaining morning was spent on admin for the Tony and Eva Worobiec talk on 26 October, which I’m really looking forward to.  Flu jabs this afternoon, there was a fair party of oldies in the waiting room, chatting to people they hadn’t seen for a while. I think my nurse at been at it too long today as I was on the receiving end of a hefty jab!  The aches gone off a bit now.

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