By PicturePoems

Rescue and Revival

My decision to pop outside and do battle with the wind in order to complete some gardening tasks was timely. This little critter was fighting not to drown in a tub of water, filled by day after day of deluge. I caught it in time but, as it looked so weak and wobbly, I quickly fetched it a dab of honey. The wasp got stuck in straight away and soon flew off happily revived. I've now added a long stick to the tub as an escape route for any more minibeast mishaps.

Otherwise, spent much of the day adding pictures to my Photobox album of Oz. I think it's complete now, but shall sleep on it for a day or two and check it with a fresh eye. I ordered it nearly three months ago when there was about 70% off AND free extra pages. It's going to be a mammoth tome of (the maximum) 160 pages. Think it'll be so heavy we shall need to sit at a table to look at it. I have about a week in hand before I lose the advantage of the three-month credit. Full price, it would cost megabucks, so mustn't forget about it!

And now time to stretch my legs ... it's line dancing tonight!

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