A Big Walk

Today we headed out to Skuleforest, a national park about 45 minutes away by car.
We started by walking up to a lake just below the big ravine, Slåttdalsskrevan. After lunch up to the ravine and onto the top of the mountain to look at the gorgeous views out to sea, and back down to the lake (see extra). Back to the lake and then another path down via a cave in the granite. That section, pictured here, is really steep.  We cleared the steep section just before it started to get dark. We walked another half-hour in the gathering gloom until we were forced to admit that it really was dark and dig out our torches.
Once back at the car we consulted our phone maps and found a pizzeria just 15 minutes away. Those pizzas tasted really good after the days exertions.
(This is a back blip - today's blip is here.)

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