Rainy Days

When we woke up this morning we could hear the rain. During breakfast the rain was beating against the window. And so it continued all day. Outdoor activity was moving around the garden with a hosepipe draining the water butts, and by the time the third one was done the first one was full again.
Thankfully this much rain in such a short time is unusual weather for this part of the world. Today the water just couldn't drain away as fast as it came down.
We walk along this track most days, to pick up our post from our letter box on the road, or to put our rubbish in the bins, also by the road. Today I managed to keep my feet dry by carefully hopping from tuft to tuft of grass but it was a close thing.
Most of the day we were indoors. I now feel fully fit again so we restarted our yoga program. I made more preserves with the lingon berries we had left. I spent a lot of time on blip and working with my photographs.
Despite the weather the day was rather a good one. When the weather is this bad you just have to go with flow and live an indoor life.

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