Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Community Eating

A fantastic experience this evening. Just down our road is an old church that got bought by the founder of Tigger Of Copenhagen. His idea was to make it a community meeting place. Of the many activities held there every day is the community eating at 6pm. For the equvilent of a fiver you get a place at a table. There are rules; you look after your table, serving, clearing and socialising with the other table members. Food is in serving dishes, so you must pass along the food, and all in all be a part of the whole. Our neighbours (our stairway of the apartment block we live in) invited us to join them this evening. Being city folk this is an odd concept but brilliant once you take the step to try it out. The food was outstanding, superb in fact and so popular you have to book a while in advance. The guy behind it is the one that looks like he's wearing the lamp, sitting with the crowd. I've met him once and he was a real gent, polite, professional and clearly kind. I was sat next to three older folk who had come from the other side of town for this. Up with this sort of thing.

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