And the Stars fell out of the skies

it rained today. 

What Am i saying?  It's rained all week.  And winded. 

I was particularly windy today. 

I had to keep excusing myself to the toilet to rumble and then return. 

On the way home tonight my colleague stopped her car and let me out of my space.  She said she was deferring to my seniority (not my age, my place in the organisation chart) .  

There are three small roundabouts in the estate we work, so as I approached the first, I went round a full circle to wave at her on the way past.   

She flipping well joined in , and the two of us went round the whole roundabout twice (i think) it may have been three times - i was almost crying with laughter  - and she tells me she was too.  

One chap who nipped in ahead of me on my circuits, was shaking his head as he drove away ahead of us. 

Silly things. 

Make you laugh. 

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