We Couldn't Get Closer than This

Tooli and Bean are having a lurve-in this evening. 

She's already shared her Cheesecake and Cream with her. 

I think she's probably gonna take one, or both, of the cats away with her.  What the School will say I have no idea. 

Yesterday was MentalHealthDay -  having been there and back - I always like to throw a "Hey Are you okay? .... " out there.  

And last night I did -  on Social media, and bloody hell, the response made my tummy warm with love.  - 93 comments, and a bloody Meet -up organised.   

All from "Are you okay".

I'm okay - I absolutely am.  This gorgeous gal is laying on one couch - Himself is laying on the other, and I'm half full of Jack Daniels. 

And I get to snuggle up with him tonight, and wake up with him in the morning; and then I get to check Boy's messages from through the night. 

Life is Good. 

Life is for Loving. 

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