Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Maze Runners

A day volunteering at Weston Park.  The park created a maze back in 2006 and it was time to trim the yew and hornbeam that make up the hedges.  While the permanent staff used the power tools it was the volunteers role to rake up the cuttings and carry them out to the waiting trailer.

Only one problem.  Once you were in the maze you had to find your way out again!  I was lucky, being on the tall side I could just about see over the hedges, but that didn't mean that on occasion, I ended up at a dead end!  The work will take up to a week to complete, but we certainly made a difference today, shifting 5 trailer loads of cuttings during our time on site.

I'd started the day taking a few photos around the wooded areas of the park in reasonable weather with some sunshine which allowed for some interesting light under the tree canopy (see extra).

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