If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Shugborough Hall.

We waited until after Clickychick had made a few business calls to places which didn't open until 9:30 then packed up and headed north to great Haywood.  At one point on the M5 the rain was so torrential that traffic (well the sensible ones anyway) was reduced to 30 - 35 miles an hour.  However it soon faired up and we arrived at our site in sunshine.

As it was only mid afternoon we decided on a walk along the Trent & Mersey Canal towpath.  Soon a shower came along, thankfully canals have bridges over them so we sheltered, moving from bridge to bridge between showers.  THe blip shows Shugborough Hall the home of the late Lord Lichfield (known for his photography).  Looking closely at the shot there appears to be somebody on the steps in front of the door, also the door seems to be open.  Visitor or resident?  We will never know.

Before we returned to the van we popped into the canalside café for a coffee followed by shopping in the excellent farm shop.

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