If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

RPS Steps

A day in Bristol which reminded me very strongly why I don't like cities!  Three times round roundabout and accompanying detours just to find the entrance to Sainsbury's car park and get in the correct lane.  Surrounded back and front and all sides by cars knowing where they were going and at speed!  As we were in the area of the RPS we had a wander along but unfortunately the gallery wasn't open.

While in the area we were impressed by the modern development, I can't say regeneration as I don't know what was there before, but I suspect regeneration.  We found a young lady running a café in a couple of Airstream Caravans.  You ordered in one and sat and were served in the other, which could seat 17 or 18.  She produced very tasty toasted sandwiches.

The blip shows the steps leading up to the RPS building and yes the building to the right of the steps really as that shape.In the distance you turned a corner and were confronted by a gable end covered in Street Art so new that it had made the local paper on 3rd Oct 2019.  See Clickychick's blip for this wonderful mural with a disturbing message.

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