I love this time of year and all the autumn colours. I now have a collection of gourds on my dining room table.

I’ve never seen the giant onions before! I didn’t buy any.

I have 9 days off right now - a long stretch between trips. I’m trying to get some long procrastinated jobs done at home - both by me and by some workmen. Today I had an electrician here all day, doing 4 different jobs. The biggest one was totally changing the lighting in my kitchen as I never liked what I got when I had my kitchen done 4 years ago (hard to believe it was that long ago!). I’m happy with all that he did today! I also now have 3 working exterior motion lights. I’m ready for dark winter nights!

My main project this week - paper decluttering! Going through old files and scanning if necessary and/or destroying. It feels good!

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