Desperately seeking

By clickychick

The Three Little Figs

Once uon a time there were three little figs. They felt very brave and left the safety of their family and set off on an adventure in a shopping trolley. It had been nice and warm on the shelf with their brothers and sisters but now, after a long journey in abrown paper bag, they knew they would never find their way home again.

The days were long and dark for the three little figs and very, very cold. Occassionally, in a shaft of light, they saw a milk bottle, a cucumber and a pot of cherry yoghurt. The milk kept coming and going but one day the yoghurt vanished and was never seen again.! The cucumber was becoming shrunken and wrinkled. What would become of them?

Eventually their luck changed. They were lifted out of the cold place and into the light, a very bright light. That's nice they thought. if we sit very still and behave ourselves we might be allowed to stay here on this blue plate. A photo was taken of the three little figs and they all lived hapily ever after.

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