Hospital pink!

Visited our son and saw all the family there! First half hour just the three of us!  Son was very funny and kept us laughing!  When the others arrived we took the youngsters for tea and cake, or whatever they wanted to let the two adults have a talk.  It was great seeing them all! Big event was when our grandson fainted!  Probably a mix of worry and far too hot a coat in the hospital!  Anyway he’s had a battery of tests and is fine! The right place to faint!! 

We finally left and are back having had a good meal in the hotel!  More than ready for bed! Which is what the blip is!  Youngest suddenly saw the pink knob and took the photo for me!  

A pink knob for BCAM! Please could you   Click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.

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