A fisheye ICM!

Just wanted to see how this would work!  This is actually a bookcase by the window!  

My signature is PINK!  Which leads me to say:  Please click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.  it’s also possible to click more than once a day so long as the clicks are more than three hours apart

After gathering boxes of books etc into the car this morning we went off to the Bolton Hospice shop to give them.  They are so nice there!  Off course we had a quick look round and came out with a gratin dish!  
Then we went to the garden centre!  It was easy to distance as I think we were the only ones outside in the rain looking to see if there might be some Rubeckia left! No have to wait for the spring!  
We were home late for lunch. Hoping to do a bit more sorting this afternoon!  

Many thanks to Gadgetkid for hosting Mono Monday- intentional camera movement! 

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