By suehutton

The Knife Angel

The Knife Angel is a truly fantastic piece of artwork. It isn't just a collection of knives put together, it displays pathos, grief, despair, and the burden of the hate and anguish inflicted by the more than 100,000 knives used in its construction. Its creator, Alfie Bradley, probably had no such spiritual interpretation. He wanted people to be aware of knife crime and to stop people carrying knives.

Pen knives, flick knives, paring knives, fruit knives, kitchen knives and butchers' cleavers - all can be seen in the statue.

The Knife Angel is currently standing outside Derby Cathedral. It draws you in as you walk up Iron Gate. The head and the hands are incredibly expressive as if asking, Why?

If you have the opportunity as it tours the country, I urge you to go and view it.

Basil and I started our journey to Derby badly. I had hoped to catch the Nottingham Skylink to the airport and then change to the Derby Skylink, but we missed the bus by six minutes. We ended up driving to Pride Park. At least it was Park and Ride.

Contractors have dug up the Riverside Walk. We had to walk through the town, past the County Court, and through the Quad past the Assembly Rooms. At least I'm beginning to get an idea of where places are in Derby.

For all that the City Council have tried to improve the appearance of the centre, Derby is still a depressed town and it shows. The honey coloured stone of the cathedral glowing in the late afternoon light lifts the mood, contradicted by the bars and pubs lining Iron Gate spewing out drinkers working up to Saturday night out.

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