Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Blue Plate Special at the Montauk Diner

It's not every week that a happy nature photographer gets both sex and predation all in one week!  And all occurring in the same location, no less - the locally famous Montauk Diner right here in my garden.  

What you have here is an ambush bug (see my blip from 4 October for a close up look at this odd creature) enjoying a drone-fly smoothie.  Yea, I know this may be a little graphic/gross for some of you, and for that I apologize.  However, predation is all part of nature.  Ambush Bugs, as their name would suggest, sit and patiently wait for a meal to land withing grabbing distance (much like praying mantids) and are known to take down prey up to ten times their size.  I did not see the take-down, but came along shortly after it happened.  By  this time, the ambusher had injected his/her prey with a liquefying agent and was enjoying a meal.  

I met up with bestie, Ellen, today for lunch and spa pedicures.  It was, as always, wonderful spending time with her.  Of my three besties, I've known Ellen the longest, over 30 years.  That's a lot of history.  

Making chili in my instant pot pressure cooker tonight - I do love that thing as it allows me to make delicious stews and such in a fraction of the time.  

Tomorrow I'm off to get a couple of vaccinations, including measles in anticipation of possibly going on a trip next month that requires proof of vaccine against measles.  I was vaccinated as a child, but who the hell keeps those records?  So, off I go.


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