Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Love Shack

The Montauk Daisies this time of year are the scene of so many little dramas.  Both predator and prey make these last-to-bloom flowers their home in the fall.  And, in some cases, even their love shack.  These two tiny hover flies were carrying on their little romp a scant hop from an Ambush Bug, who I can only assume had recently eaten since he didn't bother to grab these flies from their sexy perch. A moment later, they'd taken off, still attached.  If all goes well, she will lay her eggs and her "kids" will be among the first of her kind that I will see next year in my garden.  

Amazingly, my little hummingbird is still hear.  I saw her at the feeder throughout the day and even managed to get a shot of her injured eye.  I was delighted to see that the eye is now showing which means that she didn't lose it as I'd feared.  And the two little wounds on her neck and head are feathered over now.  So, maybe she was meant to find my garden, to have this place to heal and gain her strength.  I will still call our local avian rehabber and get her advice as to whether there is anything else I should do at this point.  And will consult with hubs on rigging up something to keep the nectar from freezing when the weather eventually turns.  A hummingbird in mid-October...crazy.

We took Phoebe to the vet today and confirmed that her inner ear infection is trying to make a return.  She got a steroid shot and is on antibiotics for the next three weeks.  We've caught it very early so I think she'll mend quickly.  Her only symptoms right now are a head-tilt and a lot of scratching on the right side, as well as tenderness in that ear.  Last time, it had gotten bad enough that she was falling down.  So, we are ahead of the game this time.

MIL continues to do well in the new facility - she's been there a month now, hard to believe.  There are some things we'd like to see them improve upon; and others where we think they are excelling.  It's a balancing act.  Main thing is that she appears to be mostly happy.

Happy Day-After-Hump-Day.


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