Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Trying to photograph insects on a windy day is pretty much the definition of insanity...and yet sometimes it works out.  I was propped precariously on one knee in the leaf litter, trying to set focus on this small worker Eastern Bumble Bee.  The wind seemed to stop for the moment I needed to fire off a quick burst...until I got the images up on my computer and realized that there was just enough motion to cause elements of each shot to be out of focus.  Of course, this is always a factor in macro photography, but the breeze certainly didn't help.  However, I ran four images through photoshop to stack them and ... voila!  An image good enough for today.

Same species as yesterday but a different part of the social structure in the hive.  He is covered in pollen and was moving very slowly owing to the chilly temps.  I think he's just lovely, though.

And surprise!  Guess who was at the hummingbird feeder again this morning?  Yes, my fall hummer.  I haven't seen her again, but I also haven't been glued to the window either.  I do hope she feels well enough to be on her way soon as I don't know if she can survive the winter here even with all the help I can - and will - give her.  Stay tuned...

Hubs and I are off for an early dinner with friends and then heading about an hour east to hear another mutual friend's presentation on Mammals of N. America.  Should be fun and interesting.

Signing off...


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