Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Lest you think it is too early for Halloween, may I just mention that the home improvement stores are all featuring Christmas decorations already.  Which is utterly insane.

My plans to go paddling today went out the window for a variety of reasons.  Instead, I received a delivery of 4 cords of firewood (which now has to be stacked - yuck).  Then Hubs and I went out to find some palettes to stack the wood on.  Then I did some pottering in the garden, which was interrupted by chipmunks and blue jays and titmice, all begging for peanuts.  And who am I to deny them?  At one point, one of the chippies jumped into my lap which came as rather a surprise to both of us.  

In the midst of the begging and chumming, I happened to notice a very, very tiny jumping spider on the patio table.  He'd fit on the clicky end of a ball point pen so not the easiest thing to photograph.  I persisted and he persevered and between us we got a few decent shots.  I'm a sucker for jumpers with their big cartoonish eyes.  Much nicer than the humongous spider we found on one of the palettes today - after taking it out of the car.  Now I'm going to have the heebie-jeebies when I'm in the car in case he had a friend...

Lots of robins in the yard today, all queued up for the bird bath.  And to my surprise, one youngster which is unusual this late in the year.  A shot of the speckled kid in Extra.  Also had one dark-eyed junco at the bird bath and a white-throated sparrow singing in the woods, so the winter sparrows have officially arrived.  

Staying away form news today which makes for less stress.  Tomorrow is going to be gorgeous, so for sure I am taking the new kayak out for a test drive.  

Meanwhile, tonight is virtual cocktails with my besties which is always fun.  Hubs is in charge of dinner so all I have to do is...nothing!

Take good care of yourselves and take a moment to find some joy.


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