Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Through the Looking Glass

Well, actually, through the window.  I was out on the deck getting ready to come back in the house when I noticed Charlie sitting inside, behind the glass.  And then he scrunched up his face, which I knew meant he was about to yawn, so I fired off a random burst.  This was one of the images and I liked it because he looks so goofy.  So, there you have it - a domestic ginger tabby through a not-very-clean window.  

Gym today, and a little pottering around outside.  I didn't see any signs of our little hummingbird so I think (hope) that she took advantage of a strong tailwind to head south.  I looked again at the pictures I got of her late yesterday through the window and her left eye is definitely functional and much, much better.  Fly safe and fast, little one.


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