Red Flash

By RedFlash

Is this my best side?

We had a very disturbed night as if was very windy and the doors of the shepherd’s hut were banging. But by the time that we were up and about it was less windy and the rain had stopped.

Once we’d packed the car we set off to meet some very special people.

We’d arranged to meet Mr Radish and good morning canary (sk). We’ve known each other on Blip for years but this is the first time that we had met. I ref c was lovely to see them both. She was given a big hug and Radish had lots of strokes as you’ll see in his blip.

In the extras you can see the amazing view from their house.

After having lunch in the pub that she’d recommend (the food was great) we headed to Kimmeridge Bay. You can see it in the extras.

We’ve had a wonderful time and now life has returned to normal.

I have tomorrow off to do lots of things that need doing.

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