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Another anniversary gig

This is the massive church of St Columba in Largs, prominent on the shore road near the pier, where our quartet was singing as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. We sang well, and were happy - happy too that a couple of friends from Dunoon made the trip to hear us. But what I'm thinking about now, as I was before the concert, is the size of the church and its obvious former wealth as shown in the multiplicity of stained glass windows and the offices contained within the building. The congregation isn't large now, but it must have been in the past - large and inclined to give generously to their church. 

They've also recently replaced their pews with cushioned seats - the second such transformation I've seen in three days. No matter what people say, I find it affects the acoustics - and as a member of a congregation I find seats inconvenient and irritating. Nowhere to put books too large for the wee pocket in the seat in front, nowhere to put your bag, nowhere to put the coat you are bound to want to remove if your church is as warm as this one was.

I'm not girning, though. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and it's always good to sing with a group who know each other so well.

My extra photo was snapped on the way home. A Trident submarine, complete with escort of MOD police boats and other hangers-on, passes the Western Ferries terminal at McInroy's Point. What you can't see is the little catamaran Ali Cat squeezing past between the sub and the shore - we share our river with some sinister neighbours!

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