By mollyblobs

In the dark wood...

...fungi are finally appearing in quantity.

It rained fairly consistently for much of the day, which helped me get on with a talk I'm giving next Friday evening - almost done bar a few tweaks. The sun struggled through briefly in the late afternoon, and, as all my muscles were stiff from sitting at the computer, I went for a walk round Thorpe Wood. 

There were plenty of fungi popping up from the very soggy woodland floor and from saturated logs - nothing wildlife spectacular, but I rather liked the warm tobacco colour of this inkcap, one of a small group emerging from the leaf litter. Inkcaps can be hard to identify but I'm fairly sure this one is the appropriately named Coprinus silvaticus.

In the evening Alex's birthday was celebrated with a delicious Indian takeaway - followed by an early night for him, as he was still recovering from a very long afternoon and evening of celebrations with his friends on Saturday!

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