By mollyblobs


After a day of almost continuous rain yesterday, I wasn't at all surprised to see that the river had burst its banks, flooding the normally dry path along the Rowing Lake. Last winter was so dry that there wasn't any flooding - the floodplain meadows will benefit from this inundation - after all it's what they're supposed to do!

Ben and I had spent the afternoon with Molly, looking further at options for her future care with her very lovely social worker. Pete developed labrynthitis about half-way through the morning, so wasn't able to come with us - he had a very boring day lying very still in bed, trying not to move his head, It's the third time he's had this annoying affliction, probably triggered by a cold virus that seems to be circulating, but hopefully he can nip it in the bud and be back to normal soon. 

Our meeting in Spalding was very positive but left me needing some peace and quiet - a dusk walk was just perfect to clear my head.

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