By KatesGardenPDX

Garden Flowers still Blooming!

I keep thinking that I'll go into the garden and see that everything has succumbed to the fall weather, but today was another exquisite day here in Portland...crystal blue sky and mid-60's. I played a round of golf with my best women golf buddies and then home to the camera and the garden. I was out a couple of hours earlier than I have been, so had a chance to play with the sunlight coming through various plants.

The nasturtium got just nipped by frost the other night, but the blossoms are still beautiful. Caught one with just a hint of sun coming through.

The extras are of the long-blooming anemones, along with the marigolds which are still going strong. 

Friday I leave for Portugal, along with my camera and new lens. First time I've actually travelled with my camera in recent years so it will be an interesting and fun adventure! 

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