Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Crepe de Zumeles

The weather was good again so we decided to go for a walk north east of Cortina d’Ampezzo from the Passo Tre Croci over to Lago di Sorapsis and then back over the hills to the pass. It was warm so a shorts and T shirt walk, as we went along the old military road that soon became a path as it traversed around the hills towards the lake. There were metal staircases in places to help the ascent, and sections where a metal wire might have been of use and all on a walk suitable for the whole family!  The views were magnificent and there were signs of autumn in the trees, but the lake was a major disappointment, as it was very low after the summer with a lot of mud visible as opposed to the lovely green water of the brochures. We had lunch and then struggled 400 metres up to the high point in the full sun before another section of wire protected ledge led to a lovely coire with good views east. The path then went to the Forca Marcoira where the blip was taken looking north west. The descent from there had been badly washed away by last October’s rains so was rather loose, but we soon got down and walked back through lovely forest to the pass. We had a brief walk around Cortina which is very nice, chic but small before going back to the campsite. The extra is of views from the walk, a couple of adverts for dog washing and the sunset from the car park in Cortina.

Yesterday’s blip. 

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