By karenmace25

Cheer up!

This is probably what I'll look like later as had to go to Southend today to get a new phone as my poor old one was on its' last legs! I have no idea what I'm doing where it comes to phone so luckily the lovely chap in th eEE shop transferred all the stuff from my old phone over so I've just got to work out what all the buttons do and what apps to add - ooh plus trying to remember email accounts and passwords is also going to prove difficult too I think as I never remember them and had them saved on the last phone to make my life easier!  I fear I may have a headache trying to work it all out later!

started off misty and rainy here this morning but had a lovely spell of sunshine during the day, and a nice stop at a seafront hotel for a sausage sarnie lunch with my parents! This gargoyle was nearby outside a house and just made me smile!

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