Picture this..

By northernlass261

What's the code again?

So far, a drier day!

After Gym this morning we headed to Asda for some shopping.   Quite busy for a Tuesday, but just as we arrived at the Tills (only 2 open) they both were closing.   Another assistant called for additional tills to be opened, but served us anyway.   There are plenty of self serve stations to pay, but I prefer to speak to someone and go through the old fashioned way!   I don't think some changes are for the better.

Saw this chap outside our door near the entrance pad, it quite amused me to see it there, but then I am easily pleased!

Had a good session at Photography Club last night learning how to mount our prints.   Handed in my Competition entries, but not expecting huge marks, but it will be interesting to get some positive feedback.

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