Dereliction next to Perfection...

I grabbed this derelict shot whilst out for an early morning walk in Macclesfield today. We've known about it for a long time as it's opposite the house where my Mum-in-law used to live. The old chap who used to live there was an odd-bod and seemingly never did any cleaning or repair work on his house. I've heard that the next-door neighbours had to install cement skirting boards to stop mice (and anything else?) getting through.

The juxtaposition with the beautifully maintained house next door adds to the appearance of dereliction.

Hopefully someone will eventually buy the house and do it up - but it'll be a big job!

Anyway it seemed ideal to tag for this week's Derelict Sunday challenge, kindly hosted by Marlieske.

I'm pleased to say that we had an easy drive home, so I'm back just in time to get ready for camera club this evening.

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