hello again

By admirer


Our last day in Vienna. We walked the Naschmarkt till the end and walked from there to the Museumsquatier. The buildings had been the stables for the horses and carriages of the emperors. 600 horses and 200 carriages.
Now there are huge musea, pretty shops and some cafes were one sits outside and drink one's espresso, like we did. In 1990 the plans had become real and in 2001 it was opened.
Again a sunny day. Our walk went further to the North and we liked the streets we walked in. We peeped into the Piaristenchurch, and ate our sandwiches in a little park where young men were playing soccer. An extra photo of a Hof in the Lederergasse.
On our way back we saw the buildings of the University, the Burgtheater, the Rathaus. We walked in the Rathaus park and the Volkspark. In the last park we sat on a bench in the Rosarium, and admired the Wonderful collection. We were rather tired now and walked to the bus which brought us near our stay.

I have given silly hearts to LincolnWarrior, Tigger101, Pinkhairedlady, Terrifo, and davidc.

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